Matt Boomer’s Butt in Action!


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Antonio Banderas Full Frontal Nude!

Superstar ANTONIO BANDERAS at the height of his hotness and stark staring naked and full-frontal. Now this is what I call celebrity nudity and it’s all thanks to our friends at¬†who do a daily picture blog that (un)covers pretty much EVERYTHING there is when it comes to male celebs.



Chris Evans – Shirtless and Nude!


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David Beckham – new underwear shots!




Bruce Willis: Full Frontal Nude

Here’s another picture from STARMALE’S DAILY PICTURE FEED which has got to be the best thing that’s ever happened to anyone who’s into male celebrity nudes. There’s a bunch more full-frontal nude pictures and videos of super-hunk Bruce Willis on the site so check them out!

Boy Next Door

This hot boy next door comes to us courtesy of

Rafael Nadal: Tennis Star Nudes

Our pals at STARMALE have the most incredible daily feed of celebrity nude pictures and these papparazzi shots of tennis hottie Rafael Nadal just showed up. I snagged them for you, but you should really check out STARMALEfor yourself, far and away the best celeb site on the Net!

TWINS and the inevitable question of TWINCEST!

I leave it to you, dear reader, but these pictures suggest to me that there’s a whole lot more going on here than meets the, er, eye. What do you think?

Celebrity Twins nude

Supermodel Daniel Rumfelt: Nude (veiled frontal)

Nothing more needs be said about this picture of supermodel Daniel Rumfelt

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Ewan McGregor: Velvet Goldmine Nudes (frontals/rears)

Nobody, but nobody has a body that he likes to show off naked and nude like Scottish hottie and international superstar Ewan McGregor. And while he’s skinned in a whole lot of movies, it was in director Todd Haines’ masterpiece Velvet Goldmine that Mr. McGregor’s skin shined most brilliantly. Okay, that’s one man’s opinion, but these super high-resolution shots from the STARMALE archive are pretty powerful evidence. Check them out!

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Daniel Tosh: Nude from Starmale!

Our pals (and kind advertisters) at STARMALE have somehow managed to find some skin shots of newly-minted gay celebrity Daniel Tosh from Comedy Central. While they don’t reveal as much as we’d like, they are the first pics we’ve seen of Daniel and we can’t say it’s all bad. In other words, I do him in a New York minute! Check it out:

Christopher Atkins: Nude (full frontal)

The ultimate twink beauty, actor Chris Atkins:

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Supermodel Seth Kuhlman

This is another one of those cases where a picture speaks way WAY more than a thousand words. Supermodel Seth Kuhlman bursting out his jock or, put it another way, the stuff wet dreams are made out of. For more nude male supermodel action, click on the link below!

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Actor Eric Balfour: Nude and Naked!!!

You may remember him from his debut on “Six Feet Under” where he established himself as THE sex symbol, but since then, Eric Balfour’s gone on to bigger and better things, including making a huge career in film. As these new pictures prove, he’s still one of the sexiest guys going, especially when (as he does often) he removes any or all of his clothes! Check these out:

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The Back Room: Insanely HOT Action Vid

Calvin Klein Model

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Actor Tom Hardy: Nude (full-frontal)

Here’s the English actor Tom Hardy full-frontal naked from a new short film called “Sgt. Slaughter, My Big Brother”. Sounds damn interesting and Mr. Hardy is looking way good these days.

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Random Hotties

Nude Celebrities and Models Here

Twin Skin: The Gooch Twins from Starmale!

I’ve got some pretty nasty things that totally get me off, but none are as nasty as what I’d like to do to these hot twins. These pics are from our friends at Starmale where you’ll find lots of hot twin skin. These are the Gooch Twins, models who specialize in feeding the homographic fantasies of dudes like me. Looking at this gallery, I really can’t help wondering if they enjoy each other as much as I enjoy them…

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Random Hotties

Here’s some sizzling skin to keep you nice and warm during these cold February nights:

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